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Sewing machinery industry, in the first quarter of 2005 business red, the beginning of the second quarter of fatigue, and to the third quarter more dull. The cooling of the domestic market, sewing machinery industry ". Fortunately, it is best to expand the market, go to the world market, hoping to make up for some of the sales in foreign markets. But where is the foreign market? How big is the foreign market? Sewing equipment is the most used clothing, shoes, bags, umbrellas, sports equipment, household bedding, and so on. Just look at where the supply of these products is, and where is the market?. In China, the most concentrated market is footwear. Footwear used in sewing equipment, we collectively referred to as thick material sewing machine. It is important to understand that making shoes is more difficult than making garments. Because the clothing as long as a few fabrics can be matched, and footwear production to involve fabrics, midsole, outsole, molding action, shoe-making process is generally more complex than clothing. The last of the open mold, plastic mold, shoe mold, quite expensive, there are a number of production in order to reduce the cost, and Chinese in nearly 20 years of large-scale production of shoes, the footwear production in other countries around the world all over the world in extrusion, low-grade shoes in Chinese, and many high-end in Chinese do shoes. The countries and regions in Southeast Asia, such as South Korea, China, Hongkong, Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia, were now home to China and vietnam. There are some leather shoes factories in Latin America, Mexico and Brazil, and middle and low shoe factories in Turkey and India. But they are not as large as those in mainland china. China is the largest country in the world in footwear production. Taiwan several sewing machine manufacturers, all have set up factories in the mainland, because of the above, and Vietnam sales have accounted for 90% of the turnover of their factories, if cost tremendous effort to expand export, the return is very poor. Shanghai Taiwanese manufacturers of heavy material sewing machine 90% turnover is China's domestic market. There is an export market for heavy duty sewing machines, and their models are limited to special use machines. Because the domestic sewing machine manufacturer's special skill is "small profits but quick turnover"". They need to "large" order support, and the "mass production" type of footwear has gone abroad, thick material sewing machine market in a large number of domestic China, but there are still some special industry still outside, they need special machinery to complete. For example, diving, parachute harness, bedding, curtains, sofa, high-grade furniture and so on, these special purpose sewing machine but in the export market can harvest. Because the previous special machines were made in Germany and the United States and Japan, the price is expensive. Once there is a special domestic machine out, and the price is only the previous 1/3~1/4, so all of a sudden turn to China (including Taiwan) procurement. This is the reason why some small Taiwan special machine works are getting better and better in recent years. Generally speaking, the thin material sewing machine refers to the equipment used in the garment factory. Make a plain clothes or pants, as long as can be completed after cutting, sewing, ironing, additional accessories, such as zippers, buttons, collar and so on are not a difficult process, so there will be a garment factory in many countries and regions. Although China is a large exporter of garments, it can produce large quantities of ordinary clothing, such as T-shirts, shirts, trousers, overalls, jackets, suits and so on. A large number of production can not adapt to the rapid change around the popular wind, so whether in Japan or in Tokyo, Osaka, the United States of New York, London, there will be many small garment factory, all of them make some small fashion and adapt to the popular change orders. Clothing factories are spread all over the world. The salesman knows that the market for thin material sewing machines is in every corner of the world, and most people buy garments from local clothing factories. As long as the city is a bit small, there must be sewing machines franchised stores. There is a "Foreign Trade Association for the development of Library in Taipei City, which collected the metropolis all over the world the telephone number of pages, as long as there can be found over sewing machine dealers, each big city of the importer's phone number, even to go abroad but also can avoid to find customers. Of course, the arrival of the Internet era makes the job of finding the market easier. If you are aiming for a thin sewing machine market, first of all, you know, there are all over the world. These markets are suppliers of local fashion and fashion clothes. Taiwan, for example, has a stock listed sewing machine maker with an annual turnover of nearly 1 billion yuan. 97% of its products are thin and thick material machine, machine has not open market, the market distribution is nearly 60% China in mainland, the remaining 40% located in Turkey, India, Brazil and other places, there are markets around the world. The key is not knowing where the market is, not where the customer is, because the Internet has brought the world together. The focus of the matter is - what products should I take to meet customer requirements? Why do customers want to buy my product? What customers buy is certainly good and cheap. Over the past 20 years, because of Taiwan's products cheap, many have to seize the world market, plus 10 years of Zhejiang's private enterprises also accounted for more manufacturers is high quality and inexpensive, in some markets, such as Turkey, Brazil, Russia and India and other places have been filled with the factory China mainland sewing machine
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