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Electrical Software Engineer (motor control) (number of applicants: 2)


Age: 22-45 years old.
Education: Bachelor degree or above.
Major: electrical automation, electrical transmission, control engineering, electrical control and so on.
Work experience: two years or above electrical control system software design experience, BLDCM, PMSM or Stepping, Motor and other motor control software design experience is preferred. Fresh graduates with excellent academic background are also considered.
Basic skills: master the embedded system development process; familiar with ST or Microchip, MCU/DSP or ARM; familiar with C or C++ language, using assembly language to master; familiar with motor control theory, control method of permanent magnet synchronous motor vector control; master PID algorithm; good language ability, can read English technical information (good spoken English is preferred).
Job requirements: integrity, professionalism, good learning, good communication skills and team work spirit.
Job description (job content):
Responsible for the design and development of new electrical equipment for sewing equipment (such as motor drive, etc.).
Responsible for improvement of electronic control system for imported products.
Responsible for the preparation of technical data sheet, software specification, inspection specification and so on. Coordinate with hardware engineer and mechanical engineer to participate in new product testing and test; participate in new product trial installation and commissioning.
Responsible for new product technical data arrangement, filing, etc..
Responsible for analyzing and solving technical quality problems encountered in new products.
Complete other work assigned by leader.
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