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Some sewing terms for industrial sewing machines


Progress of science and technology also makes garment machinery and equipment become more advanced, the pedal sewing machine the past has been high, medium and low speed electric sewing machine, sewing machine replaced industrial sewing machine varieties segments out of sewing container bag machine, bag sewing machine, sewing machine, double needle sewing machine and leather sewing machine etc.. Although the operation of a variety of sewing machines are slightly different, but the processing principle of sewing machines are basically interlinked, and understanding of industrial sewing machines and sewing terminology is very important.
Basic sewing methods and terminology for sewing machines
Flat seam: the foundation of a sewing machine. Fold two layers of clothes together and sew them along the edge of the sewing seam.
Separation: a seam on which a joint, a pair of nails, or an iron is separated on the basis of a flat seam.
Seat seam: on the base of a flat seam, a seam with a single seam.
To sew: Ji above slit 0.3cm, trim hair tip, folding a slit edge positive negative 0.7cm Ji laminated seam.
Lap seam: two layer joint mutually superimposed in the middle of the sewing sewing, suitable for stitching lead lining, lining the chest.
Dark seams: also called inner stitch, two layer is laminated, wrapped by the lower upper 0.6cm No. 0.5 cm joint after turning on the front, Ming Ji 0.4cm single rabbet seam.
Ming sewing: commonly known as outsourcing seam, namely two layer laminated package from the lower back, upper 0.8cm Ji 0. 7cm sewing head, flip the package crack down, Yanbian is No. 0. along the 1cm, clear rabbet seam.
Crack: also called seam, perforation, mainly for the cuffs and fitted waist wrapped in the upper and lower middle class joint.
Welt seam: also known as the light will turn the welt seam, side seam, border line is 0.lcm Ji after refraction.
A stitch here tacking on the basis of a positive pressure, two...... Open seam. Pressed stitch: commonly known as stuffy stitch, the upper seam refractive index, pressure in the lower layer cloth, positive pressure topstitching seams. The stitch sewing: Based on the upper seam from here on pressure Ji topstitching seams, commonly used in sewing cloth pants sewn after ji.
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