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The sewing machine do get stuck?


In summer, because of the high temperature of the environment, the double needle thick material sewing machine will lose the temperature and rise too high when it is running for a long time.
The double needle lubricating device adopts a small oil tank, and uses the oil line to carry out micro oil lubrication, which can effectively avoid the occurrence of the oil leakage of the machine. However, due to the design of this lubrication method, the equipment will be lubricated for a variety of reasons after a long period of use, resulting in the machine "stuck"".
The dead phenomenon is mainly in the rotating spindle and needle rod parts. In that case we need first to remove debris, cloth, and then the needle bar position several drops of kerosene or spray machine specific solution rust agent, then wait 5 minutes -10 minutes after the force before and after rotating the handwheel, clamping parts will be automatically removed. When the machine is turning, we clean the oil with a clean cloth and then spray the shuttle on the needle bar. After the lubricant is sprayed, it will quickly dry into the lubrication layer on the surface of the needle rod, so that it is both wearable and avoid leakage after dropping the ordinary oil. Hebei Shengong sewing machine manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a professional production and sales of sewing machine and accessories series of professional equipment company, the company production of thick material sewing machine, sewing machine, leather bag, sewing machine, sewing machine, canvas bags sewing machine, sewing machine, mattress machine, space bag sewing machine PP, the ton bag sewing machine, bag machine lace container bag sewing machine, sewing machine, bag, ton bag head machine, sewing machine, sewing machine, high-speed sewing machine, PP bag, ton bag sewing machine, bag sewing machine, sewing machine, geotextile container bag sewing machine plastic woven bag, sewing machine, bag mattress machine, lace machine, container chain machine, container bag, sack wrapping machine overlock machine, three needle canvas machine. Welcome customers to buy!
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