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The resistance of thick material sewing machine is high, which leads to the breaking of high strength thread


Thick material sewing machine for high strength filament, filament ply line splitting line appears, continue sewing, three strands will break, and split the line after the opposite will appear a group of scattered threads, so the thick leather is very troublesome, constantly break the split line of the needle hole appears clothes on the lower level of clothes. Why is high strength long silk split? How should I solve this problem? To solve this kind of situation, must first check, thick material sewing machine used for surface wire twisting machine needle check left; whether the blade type machine needle, leather machine needle, which can reduce the friction resistance of suture in thick material in leather, with reducing twist shift; check to confirm whether the machine the use of needle is matched with the thickness of the suture, it is best to use some thick needle suture, move in the pinhole can reduce the resistance. At the same time also can reduce the resistance of joints suture in moving material, reduce the surface line loss of strength and twist; needle plate for large teeth, slow, can reduce the line resistance; appropriate to reduce the tension of suture needle; with silicone oil, can also reduce the line resistance.
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