Maintenance And Repair

Malfunction in operation


1. head rotating stagnational
Analysis: added wrong lubrication, especially with vegetable oil; too much dirt in the shuttle bed; the connecting rod screws and cone screws are too tight.
Treatment method: after flushing with kerosene, refill the sewing machine oil again; clean the shuttle bed; adjust the loose screw to ensure the clearance.
2. transfer, half circle, half circle or slow light slip each turn a stagnation point
Analysis: the shuttle round thread operation not only half circle stagnational and accompanied by severe jitter and noise; cloth feeding teeth position high or teeth accumulate dirt, make the cloth feeding teeth collide with the needle plate rises.
Processing method: clean the shuttle bed and add a little sewing oil; clean or lower the feeding teeth; change or align the needle bar.
3., the nose is stuck, can not move
Analysis: send cloth tooth position is too front or too close, touch the needle board; needle rod installation position is too high, needle clamp touch casing.
Processing method: adjust the position of feeding cloth, re adjust the needle height of the needle.
4. noise comes from the needle mechanism
Analysis: needle rod, needle rod sleeve, small connecting rod, such as wear and tear too large; small rod screws, needle rod, crank, screw loose.
Processing method: replace the needle rod and the needle bar cover and small rod fittings; re tighten the screws, small needle bar crank connecting rod screw loose.
5. noise from the feed mechanism
Analysis: big spire cone screw wear or loose, send cloth teeth touch needle board, needle spacing adjustment mechanism loose.
Treatment method: grinding or readjusting big spire cone screw, adjusting the cloth teeth to the needle plate, re adjusting or tightening the adjusting screw.
6. noise comes from the shuttle mechanism
Analysis: the shuttle and the shuttle wear resulting in the gap, the shuttle and shuttle support gap is too large and pendulum impact.
Treatment methods: the replacement of the shuttle and the shuttle, adjust the spacing or replace the shuttle and swing shuttle support.
7. general noise
Analysis: upper shaft, lower shaft and sleeve wear, resulting in the upper and lower shaft movement; or machine oil shortage.
Treatment method: replace the new upper shaft, lower shaft and shaft sleeve, or adjust the clearance of the upper and lower shaft plane, pay attention to maintenance, add lubricating oil on time.
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