Maintenance And Repair

Sewing machine maintenance trouble a, feed material failure


1. seam wrinkle
Analysis: the machine needle is broken, the bottom line tension is too large, and the differential mechanism is improperly adjusted.
Methods: to replace the new machine needle, unscrew the bobbin spring screw, re adjust the differential mechanism.
2. of the seams are gnawed together to form a grid mark
Analysis: send cloth tooth tip too sharp, presser foot pressure is too big.
Processing method: grinding whetstone available feed tooth tip, loosen the pressure foot pressure adjusting screw.
3. seam under the cable hair, sewing when there is interruption of fiber sound
Analysis: the needle is too sharp or too blunt.
How to handle: replace the new machine needle.
The 4. seam is stagnant
Analysis: too low pressure to send cloth, presser foot pressure is too large.
Handling method: lifting cloth screw and tightening screw.
5. seams go back and forth
Analysis: too high to send cloth teeth.
Treatment method: adjust feed teeth.
6. seams can not be sewn back
Analysis: cloth cam displacement.
Handling method: adjust the position of the feeding cam.
The 7. seam goes irregularly
Analysis: send cloth to install crooked or send cloth tooth screw loose.
How to do this: adjust the feed teeth and tighten the screw.
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