Maintenance And Repair

What are the parts of the sewing machine for daily maintenance?


Regular refueling: (1) buy new or long unused sewing machine, before use, should wipe dirt, and then in each operation parts add 2 ~ 3 drops of oil, idling for a few minutes, then sewing. (2) generally every half a month or a month plus 1 oil; use every day, every 3 days plus 1 times of oil. Take 1~2 drops each time. Such as the discovery of rust, available 0 cloth wipe stain. (3) when the machine is used for a long time, the panel shall be removed; the lower end of the pressing rod, the central hole of the regulating screw, the upper and the lower end of the needle rod, and the small connecting rod are filled with the contact shaft of the connecting rod of the thread picking cam needle rod. (4) choose special sewing machine oil, and never use vegetable oil or inferior oil. (5) it is better to fill the oil after sewing so as not to pollute the cloth. After refueling TA car, let the oil seeping into parts everywhere. (6) when sewing a sewing machine, if you feel tired or have a strange noise under the frame, you should immediately refuel in each moving part of the frame.
Correct use: (1) pedal speed can not be too fast, otherwise, damage to parts. (2) regular maintenance should be carried out at ordinary times: use small brush or cotton yarn to clean the head and the dust around the cloth, and wipe the spindle, spindle, ring and spindle. (3) lift the foot board when not in use, remove the belt, hide the head into the bedplate, or cover with cloth. (4) hot water or hot water can not be placed on the platen; nor can it contact alcohol, banana water or other chemicals.
The use of sewing machines should be cleaned and lubricated frequently to ensure the normal operation of the machine.
1. cleaning of sewing machines
(1) bolts of cloth feeding teeth clean and remove the needle plate between the cloth feeding teeth, hair removal, dust cloth, and add a small amount of sewing machine oil.
(2) the shuttle bed cleaning machine is the core of the sewing machine work, but also the most prone to failure, so it is necessary to often remove dirt and add a small amount of sewing machine oil.
(3) the cleaning of other parts, the surface of the sewing machine and all parts of the panel should be cleaned frequently.
2. lubrication of sewing machines
Special sewing machine oil must be used. Sewing machine of continuous use for a day or a few days should be added oil, if the gas in use, should make the machine idle for a time, so that the oil fully infiltrates and thrown out excess oil, with a clean soft cloth to clean the table and head, so as to avoid contaminating material. Then thread stitch cloth, wipe the net movement of sewing thread, thrown out excess oil, until there is no traces of oil on the rag, then the formal sewing.
Refueling parts are: (1) the head of each oil hole, lubrication, upper shaft and upper shaft connected parts. (2) the parts inside the panel and the moving parts connected with each part. A lubricating pin and needle rod and parts connected thereto. (3) wipe the parts on the lower part of the machine board and add less oil.
The refueling hole and refueling parts do not have too much fuel, one or two drops on the line.
Secondly, the maintenance of sewing machines should also pay attention to the following points:
1. after work, insert the needle into the pinhole board, lift the presser foot, and use the machine cover head to invade the dust.
2. start work, first check the main parts, step on the weight of the situation, whether there is no special sound, the needle is normal, etc., such as the discovery of abnormal phenomena should be timely overhaul.
3. after a considerable period of time, a major overhaul should be carried out, and new parts will be replaced if larger parts are found to wear
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